Cantrip Games is looking for artists


Hello everybody!

We’re looking for additional artists because we’re FIRING VONDELL SWAIN no I’m kidding we’re never firing Vondell Swain he belongs to us forever. Ohana means family and family means nobody can ever leave. But we do have more art on our to-do list than could be produced by one extremely attractive child.

Vondell is focusing on all his efforts on Warrior character design for the expansion as well as promotional art (and also school) and we could REALLY use some help with Item and Battlefield art! We could also use people who think they’d be able to reasonably match Vondell’s style and help flesh out some of his character design sketches into finished products. Anyone who can create clear and “finished” looking work relatively quickly would be best! Most of our cards were drawn by Vondell in a couple of hours.

We will pay you, obviously. Our rates are pretty reasonable and relative to the number of cards you’ll be doing and the amount of work you’ll be doing on each card. Remember, we’re not rolling in dough; the majority of the money we’ve raised from Kickstarter is going towards printing and shipping the actual physical product.

If you’re interested in helping out, especially soon (like right away (like maybe even tonight)) then send an email with some links to some of you work and what your ideal pay rate would be per-card, and which kinds of cards you think you’d be best at.

- Brad